How to Sign Your Quilt Label


What to say on your quilt label

Let’s face it, it’s almost always the last thing that’s put on your quilt – if it’s done at all. And then there are so many different opinions about what you should say. Is it even worth worrying about? It’s just a label. YES – it is important!! It’s important for future generations to have information about your quilt.

The general school of thought is that at a minimum, the label should include:

Full name of the quilter

 Full name of recipient

 The city and state where it was made

The year it was made

Other things you might want to include:

Quilt name

Occasion for making the quilt (birthday, wedding, etc.)

Date of the occasion

Name of the quilter, if different from the quiltmaker

Special message, poem, or quote

Remember – this quilt is your masterpiece! You are the artist that created it and you should at least sign and date it. One hundred years from now when someone pulls it out of a trunk, they will know that you made it, who you made it for, and when you made it. Don’t leave them wondering about your gorgeous quilt.